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Logistics Technology Trends for 2020

Ti’s latest whitepaper looks ahead at 5 logistics technology trends which are enabling smaller organizations to become increasingly competitive with large industry incumbents. The last decade saw the previously dominant market position of incumbents, based on investments in huge networks and asset bases, eroded by technology lowering entry barriers.

Evolution of digital business models: past and future trends

Many start-ups have to quickly change focus if the initial proposition has limited success and evolve into something else. The evolution of electronic marketplaces for load matching, rate shopping and others, into so called ‘digital forwarders’ are clear examples of this.

A circular approach to retailing

As the younger consumers of today bring their own value systems to bear on the market, how products are sourced, manufactured and their ownership models, will force changes on existing logistics and fulfilment processes.

There may be trouble ahead

The digital identification of items that can be read by machines and systems is starting to raise some fundamental questions about operational realities. Issues such as security, power consumption and longevity are all areas requiring greater collaboration and standardisation.