DHL integrates Sweden in to European parcel network

It has been announced that on November 1, DHL Parcel took over from DHL Freight the management of the existing service point network, comprised of some 1,350 shops, in Sweden. According to the announcement the integration of the independent Service Point network into the DHL Parcel European parcel business is expected to place the company in position to offer nationwide delivery in Sweden in the future. DHL Freight is expected to remain the partner for transport and delivery of items within Sweden.

Fabian Düx, Senior Vice President of Unattended Delivery at DHL Parcel Europe said, “Thanks to this presence in Sweden, we have now integrated the primary market of Northern Europe into our parcel network and passed another milestone on the road to having a dedicated B2C infrastructure for Europe,” adding “The team led by our Nordics CEO, Morten Villberg, is highly motivated to becoming the clear number 2 in the Swedish parcel market.”

It is expected that over the coming months DHL Parcel will transform the Service Points in Sweden into DHL Parcelshops, including the shop names. Consequently, DHL will have more than 10,000 Parcelshops in Europe outside of Germany that are managed across borders under a single brand. According to the company, unlike most other European countries, private parcel shipments are not generally received at private residences in Sweden with more than 90% of all B2C items delivered to Parcelshops. Private customers are notified and then go there to pick up their parcels. At the same time, they can also ship items from these shops, including any possible returns.