CHEP invests in Malaysia

CHEP, a provider of pallet and container pooling solutions, has announced the opening of a new pallet service centre in the industrial hub of Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Raja Klang, Malaysia.

Commenting at the announcement, Tom Gorman, CEO of CHEP’s parent company, Brambles Limited, said, “We are proud of CHEP’s longstanding presence in Malaysia and its role in providing supply-chain solutions that help our customers transport goods through their supply chains more safely, efficiently and sustainably. We know that supply-chain logistics is a key driver in trade and business worldwide, and its quality and efficiency has a direct impact on consumer experience.” Adding “This service centre sets a new benchmark for modern pallet repair facilities in Asia and positions CHEP to better meet the growth demands of our customers in the region, many of whom are household names such as Nestlé, F&N, Coca-Cola, Mondeléz and Unilever.”

Located close to Malaysia’s main arterial roadways, the 126,000 sq ft Bukit Raja site replaces two former CHEP service centres and includes the installation of G300 semi-automated repair lines, which also include nail rollers that are expected to offer increased efficiency.

The facility also includes separate unloading and loading bays consisting of five for loading and six for which is expected to result in faster truck turnaround times and better operational flow of pallets and trucks in the yard.