Yusen Logistics introduces customs clearance services in Russia

Yusen Logistics Russia (YLRU) became a Federal Customs license holder and plans to introduce a range of customs clearance services within the Russian Federation to secure end-to-end logistics solutions in the region.

New services will include customs clearance of all cargo types delivered by road and air as well as preparation of customs declarations including AWB, CMR and TIR Carnets. In addition, YLRU expects to provide customer on tariff regulations including fees, duties and VAT and non-tariff regulations such as certificates, permits and notifications.

The customs clearance services are being introduced at the following locations across Russia, St. Petersburg and city airports, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Nakhodka Moscow and city airports.

As part of the new service, YLRU will be supporting customs clearance activity at an early stage in the process; managing the necessary documentation to enable completion of customs clearance at short notice, enhancing flows through the international supply chain.