Pilot Freight Services introduces customized service offering for retailers

Pilot Freight Services announced that it has added retail services to its repertoire of transportation and logistics solutions. These services involve managing and coordinating the logistics requirements associated with store planning and design, as well as visual merchandising.

Under its retail services offering, Pilot will expand its work with brick and mortar retailers on projects including opening new stores, rolling out new seasonal displays, and remodelling stores.

“We’ve had a lot of success working with retailers – including a number of major brand names – on this type of work, and decided it made sense to put together a more formal offering so we can continue to expand our work in this area,” said Richard Phillips, Pilot’s CEO.

Pilot Freight Services states that the nature of the retail business requires flexibility and customization on the part of the logistics provider, as timelines for deliveries are dictated by a number of factors, including when shoppers won’t be in the store. This often requires coordination with multiple parties, including store planning managers, retail design firms, and property and store managers, which Pilot handles on behalf of its customers.

“We’re offering something that is currently missing from the marketplace: a total solution, where we own the entire logistics process, from the equipment needed, to merging product together, to working within the Pilot system to handle delivery,” said John Kelemen, Vice President, Special Services for Pilot. “The customer will get a very personalized experience, because they’ll be working with one team that will coordinate everything, instead of having a number of vendors pieced together who need to be managed individually.”