VICT to implement 1-Stop’s port solutions

Victoria International Container Terminal Ltd (VICT), a subsidiary of ICTSI based at Australia’s Port of Melbourne, announced that it has chosen to implement 1-Stop Connections’ port community solutions. 1-Stop is a Sydney-based company that develops IT products to connect businesses in the port, freight and logistics community to optimise the movement of cargo.

1-Stop is already the system of choice across the Port of Melbourne and its implementation at VICT is expected to result in continual productivity improvements and optimised operations.

VICT’s CEO, Anders Dømmestrup said, “We wanted an efficient, effective and easy-to-use solution to service the Melbourne port community, which could be implemented seamlessly to match our go-live by the end of 2016. We also regard 1-Stop’s solution as scalable, robust and best in class.”

Dømmestrup also stated that 1-Stop’s demonstrable track record in the provision of port community solutions is well positioned to meet VICT’s needs considering its high degree of automation.

Michael Bouari, CEO of 1-Stop said, “Our mission is to optimise the movement of cargo, and we’ve witnessed what happens when this mantra is adopted. Truck queues and traffic congestion is greatly reduced because workloads are spread across peak and off-peak times. Guesswork is removed when data integrity is upheld and maintained, especially when this data is shared and accessible to members.”