SingPost opens 100th POPStation and launches P-POPS prototype

SingPost announced that it has opened its 100th POPStation parcel locker facility in Singapore. The company claims that it has densest network in the city, with the average distance to a POPStation at about 2.5 km.

Lim Ann Nee, Senior Vice President of Singapore Parcel at SingPost said, “SingPost invested in the POPStation to further raise the level of convenience for customers, particularly with the growth of e-commerce items. It was very well-received as it has revolutionized parcel collection and delivery processes for both customers and service providers in Singapore. We were inundated with requests for more POPStations during the six-month pilot. We worked hard to roll out and within a short span of one and a half years, increased the number of POPStations from five to 100, deploying one POPStation every four working days. We have also added new innovative features to enhance customer experience such as POPStation app, posting of parcels and payment service for online purchases. POPStation is popular with consumers. Parcel volumes to the POPStations have increased six-fold.”

She went on, “We are committed to continue meeting the needs of our customers. POPStations are scalable and they are just the thing to meet the boom in e-commerce as well as lifestyle needs and priorities of online shoppers. We have just rolled out the Android version of the POPStation app. To make online shopping easier and more convenient, we plan to double the number of POPStations to 200.”

SingPost has also showcased a prototype unit of the individualised version of its parcel delivery and collection system called P-POPS or Personal POPStations. P-POPS are designed to address the needs of SMEs and individuals.

SingPost leverages mobile technology to operate the P-POPS and the lockers themselves have no user interface as they are entirely managed by smart devices/ phones. The lockers do not require internet access to unlock the locker but instead communicate direct with the consumer’s smart device/ phone via the Bluetooth technology. The company plans to completely integrate P-POPS into the existing POPStation network, offering consumers an omnichannel experience.