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Recent briefs by Danny:

China Merchants absorbs Sinotrans

The Chinese ‘State Owned Enterprise’ sector is not known for its transparency and in keeping with this it is not wholly clear why Sinotrans & CSC Holdings has been taken-over by China Merchants Holdings.

Are we heading towards a future without car ownership?

A few weeks ago, a well-known British automotive journalist mused on the subject of who will actually buy cars in the future. His rationale was based on the occurrence of a number events coinciding to challenge the notion of car ownership is still something to which people aspire.

CMA-CGM announces deal to acquire NOL

CMA-CGM has announced the news that it has offered to buy NOL for SG$3.38bn in cash which CMA-CGM describes as a 49% to 33% premium on NOL’s share price over the past three months.

The Ti Blog: Brick and Mortar isn’t quite dead yet

Another hotly anticipated Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend has passed and analysts around the world are busy making sense of the spending bonanza. Despite the rise in ecommerce sales it appears that physical retail stores still have the edge although for how long remains to be seen.

UK Mail illustrates the danger in transformative infrastructure

UK Mail has consistently grown its revenue and profits up until 2014 when it began to suffer under the effects of a fiercely competitive market. Last week, the company announced financial results and revealed a profit crunch of such magnitude that it was perhaps a major contributing factor towards the resignation of the company CEO.