CEVA opens new Southeast Asia HQ and City of Energy at West Hub in Singapore

CEVA announced that it has opened its new West Hub facility in Singapore. The 48,000 sq m location is the company’s largest facility in Singapore and its new headquarters for Southeast Asia. The West Hub has both warehouse and office space, with more than 300 personnel serving multi sector customers at the facility.

CEVA’s Chief Executive Officer, Xavier Urbain said, “I am very pleased our footprint is growing in Southeast Asia, and particularly in Singapore, as a strategic hub in Asia and a conduit for world trade. This is an investment we are making in Asia to strengthen our presence and address the growth potential here.”

CEVA also announced the launch of its City of Energy in Singapore located at the West Hub. The City of Energy is a dedicated hub for the warehousing, cross docking, flow management and handling of Oil and Gas products and services for the energy sector.

The energy hub, covering a total warehouse space of 26,000 sq m and over 5,000 sq m open yard space for energy customers, is located with access to Jurong port and major highways. The City of Energy, Singapore will serve CEVA’s energy sector customers, many of whom use Singapore as a regional base for their Oil and Gas operations in Asia.

CEVA’s Executive Vice President for South East Asia, Elaine Low said, “Singapore is a key transhipment hub for many energy players in the industry, given its strategic location in Asia and its excellent network, domestically and internationally. It is a natural choice for CEVA to set up a City of Energy in Singapore for this reason.”

The energy hub features high floor loading capacity of 30-35kn/m2, VNA space, special cargo containment area, RF material handling and processing, heavy lift services, and warehouse management systems, as well as modern offices for customers to operate directly in the energy hub, be close to their warehouse operations and increase their operational efficiency.


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