DHL launches next phase Resilience360 risk management tool

DHL has announced that it is adding new capabilities to its risk management solution Resilience360. Resilience360 is an end-to-end supply chain risk management platform that alerts customers about global incidents and risks to their global supply chain in almost real time.

Tobias Larsson, Head of DHL Resilience Team, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation said, “Corporate supply chain organizations are siloed, operate on a regional basis, and are disconnected among regions and even sites. As a result, they lack visibility and span of control beyond their part of the operation. That may work day to day, but when you’re in crisis, it can be a problem.”

The new features are expected to allow customers to visualize the route of their supply chain by integrating Resilience360 with their transport management system. Customers can then scan the latest position and status of all their shipments worldwide. This will make it easier for customers to correlate shipments with disruptive incidents and identify potentially affected areas that require corrective actions. A new country-specific risk page will also provide customers with an overview of supply chain relevant risk scores and incident trends. A global incident report will be compiled into a weekly supply chain risk intelligence bulletin.


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