Canada and the US agree deal on the Windor-Detroit bridge

In a statement the government of Canada announced that it has signed an agreement with the US to advance the progress of plans to develop a bridge between Windsor, Ontario, in Canada, and Detroit, Michigan, in the US.

Lisa Raitt, Canadian Minister of Transport, said, “I am pleased to confirm that following significant discussions with the US and Michigan, Canada has now signed an arrangement to ensure that the new publicly-owned bridge between Windsor and Detroit can proceed without further delay.”

“Under the terms of the arrangement, the US inspection plaza will be procured as part of the public-private partnership which will design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the Detroit River International Crossing/ New International Trade Crossing project. The cost of the US port of entry will be repaid from future toll revenues and not by Canadian taxpayers,” she added.

According to the statement the new bridge is expected to help increase connectivity between the economic communities on both sides of the border.


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