Hitachi establishes Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai FTZ

Hitachi Transport System announced that its subsidiary, Nisshin Transportation, has established a subsidiary in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone to act as a trading settlement agency.

Hitachi Transport System state that the easing regulations within China have led to the removal of barriers to logistics and commercial distribution activities. Consequently customers who have procurement needs in China are looking for more high value-added services such as trade settlement, in addition to the standard transport, storage, and distribution processing services. Therefore the subsidiary company has been established with the aim to fulfil these needs, and as an opportunity for Hitachi Transport System to enter the growing Chinese domestic sales logistics business.

The scope of the subsidiary’s logistics business will be handling international trade as consignor on behalf of customers/ shippers. Operations will also include wholesale and retail sales for commercial purposes in China. This trade will be possible for a total of 32 different types of items, including household items such as consumer goods, cosmetics, toys, clothing, bags, and shoes, as well as industrial goods such as electronic parts, automobile parts, glass, and steel products.


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