BNSF Logistics announces wind logistics innovation

BNSF Logistics has announced the successful testing of its fixtures developed to move wind turbine blades more efficiently via rail and ship. The Blade Runner service is a universal fixture designed for rail and ocean transport to optimize movement of wind components between any two points in the world.

“The Wind Energy sector has depended on decade old methods that are increasingly irrelevant as global sourcing and the size of blades increase,” said Ray Greer, BNSF Logistics’ President. “Our universal fixtures for both ship and rail transport modernizes the wind logistics industry and will unshackle current logistics constraints facing the industry, getting the wind industry closer to that critical self-sustaining cost level.”

The universal rail fixtures are designed to handle blades of all sizes including increasingly longer blades inside the clearance windows required, making rail a viable option versus truck. The ocean blade stowage design is expected to allow BNSF Logistics to significantly increase the number of blades that are carried per ship.


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