OHL launches first phase of logistics platform, OVATION

OHL has launched the first phase of their single source logistics visibility portal, OVATION. International customers can use the web based portal to access supply chain metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) from a single login.

OVATION allows OHL customers to track and measure the performance from Customs entries to map based track and trace of their shipments. Some of the key features of OVATION include its drag and drop function for customization, the system’s electronic data interchange (EDI) alerts, and a user-friendly interface for mobile devices.

Eric Douglas, Chief Information Officer for OHL, said, “Through OVATION, we provide a wealth of KPIs in a drag-and-drop interface that allows customers to establish a dashboard exactly to their liking. The map-based track-and-trace shows our international customers exactly where their shipments are through real-time vessel tracking.”

OVATION allows customers to manage exceptions, gain visibility and take a proactive approach to their supply chain. The second phase of OVATION will take place in 2015 and focus on OHL’s domestic customer base.


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