LLamasoft launches SaaS SupplyChainGuru.com

LLamasoft, a provider of supply chain design solutions, has announced the launch of SupplyChainGuru.com, a SaaS application focused on refining the supply chain design business process. SupplyChainGuru.com is designed to enable businesses to increase the scope and influence of supply chain modelling.

SupplyChainGuru.com supports the entire supply chain design business process by enabling scalability, collaboration, knowledge management and mobility.

“SupplyChainGuru.com doesn’t just move supply chain optimization into the cloud. It’s part of a breakthrough platform that will revolutionize supply chain design and planning by enabling companies to model and design the supply chains they need to survive,” said LLamasoft President and Chief Executive Officer Don Hicks.

Llamasoft claims that numerous Fortune 500 customers from industries including retail & consumer, electronics, food & beverage and automotive have already opted to use SupplyChainGuru.com to develop their supply chain models.


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