Canadian Tire develops 60 ft containers

Canadian Tire, a Canadian retail company, announced that it has developed a 60 ft container that has received approval from the Canadian government and will be deployed on multiple lanes.

Canadian Tire has tested the container with existing rail infrastructure and has found that the 60 ft containers do not exceed existing tractor-trailer length limits.

Canadian Tire operates a transportation network across the country, moving more than 100,000 different types of products to more than 490 stores across Canada. The new containers are designed to make this network more efficient.

Neil McKenna, Vice-President Transportation Canadian Tire said, “The 60 ft container was developed by Canadian Tire’s transportation team as an intermodal solution to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the company’s carbon footprint. The added size allows the company to transport more products while reducing transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions.”

The containers are being built by AICM and the chassis manufactured by Quebec-based Max-Atlas. It is currently in the prototype stage, with four units initially to be deployed when the programme launches.


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