ICTSI expands MICT yard capacity

International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI) announced that it has expanded yard capacity at its flagship Manila International Container Terminal (MICT). The expansion is part of Phase 1 of ICTSI’s Berth 7 yard development and adds four ha of new yard space.

The area can store up to 4,300 TEUs in moderate wind conditions and is designed to become an empty container depot. Adjacent to it is another two ha area, which will be completed by the end of 2014. On completion, the entire area of Phase 1 will store 6,500 TEUs.

The yard is part of ICTSI’s $35m expansion project for the MICT aimed at immediately addressing growing volumes at the Port of Manila. The full development, estimated to be completed in July 2016, will add approximately 500,000 TEUs of yard capacity to the MICT.

Complementary to the new yard is the development of an inland container depot (ICD) in Laguna, of about 21 ha, for which $30m has been earmarked by ICTSI. In addition six rubber tired gantries are on order for ICTSI. These may be deployed at either the MICT or ICTSI’s Subic operations as the demand dictates.


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