Menlo opens Genk logistics centre

Menlo Logistics announced that it has opened a 16,000 sq m logistics facility in Genk, Belgium. The location was selected on the basis of its proximity to European markets and the availability of multimodal transport options.

Menlo claims that the location offers a significant advantage when it comes to product distribution. With an eye also on cost-effective transport management, the location, though adjacent to road arteries, also provides multiple alternative transport capabilities via water, air and rail.

As well as distribution, warehouse based value-added services are also facilitated at Genk by Menlo’s RF-enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS). Further efficiencies are gained from the local government’s favourable policies on labour costs and infrastructure to assist local businesses.

Menlo Logistics’ Genk Site Manager, Rik Jossels said, “Menlo’s fundamental principle is to constantly review a supply chain’s performance in order to identify improvements in the process to deliver both increased efficiency and cost savings to our customers. For these purposes the Genk facility is perfectly designed and located. It has a staff well motivated and trained to achieve these ends.”


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