Menlo Logistics builds on growth in South Asia

Following significant growth in South Asia during 2014, Menlo Logistics is targeting Thailand and Malaysia for future growth. The company is planning to add to its supply chain services portfolio to serve other major industries, including healthcare and oil and gas, during 2015.

Robert Bassett, Menlo’s vice president of marketing and sales, explained that during the third quarter the company had seen 10% year-over-year growth in the region, as well as the expansion of its client base and footprint. Across South Asia, the total warehouse count for Menlo increased to 35, and the total space under Menlo management to 392,000 sq m.

Singapore was also highlighted by Menlo’s Singapore-based managing director, Desmond Chan, as a potential logistics leader. He stated, “Singapore’s emergence as a regional logistics hub continues to provide the foundation for Menlo’s growth in South Asia. Singapore has established itself as a strong regional hub as it is a time-tested and reliable centre of gravity for regional commerce.”

Chan continued, “Generally, all countries in ASEAN and India show promising signs of growth. We currently have operations in five countries – Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Australia. We also focus on specialized services for key industries, which presently include automotive, high-tech, aerospace, consumer and industrial, and wine and spirits. In 2015 we will be expanding these capabilities into logistics solutions for health care and oil and gas development, as well as additional support for automotive and industrial customers in India and Thailand.”


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