APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive launches AutoLinxSM

APL Logistics has announced the launch of AutoLinxSM, its rail-based finished vehicle logistics solution in India. The solution was developed by APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive, a joint venture between APL Logistics and VASCOR. VASCOR is itself a joint venture that is 50% owned by APL Logistics, it operates as a 3PL specializing in the automotive industry.

AutoLinxSM runs fortnightly services between the Indian cities of Chennai and New Delhi. As demand grows more destinations are expected to be added and the service’s frequency increased.

Bill Villalon, SVP for APL Logistics and Chairman of the joint venture said, “We are delighted to start formal operations of AutoLinxSM and offer India’s automotive market specialist solutions to solve their unique supply chain challenges.”

Bill Garrett, Chief Executive Officer of the joint venture and President and Chief Executive Officer of VASCOR said, “The launch of AutoLinxSM is a significant milestone for India’s automotive sector and APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive. This door-to-door service covers the entire supply chain for our customers – from assembly line, to distribution centre, to dealership floor. AutoLinxSM helps original equipment manufacturers reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains and eases the pressure on India’s road infrastructure by moving freight via rail.”


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