Port of Tauranga to construct Rolleston intermodal hub

Port of Tauranga announced that resource consent has been granted for construction of its intermodal freight hub at Rolleston, New Zealand. The hub will be constructed on 15 ha of land in the Izone Industrial Park at Rolleston for development as an intermodal freight hub.

The Izone development is a 180 ha industrial park 12 km south of Christchurch. The establishment of the intermodal freight hub will enable the Port of Tauranga to handle the packing and distribution of containerised cargo along with providing empty container depot services.

The construction of an intermodal freight hub at Rolleston will provide South Island exporters with the ability to efficiently access the port at Timaru, 50% owned by Port of Tauranga. Similarly, importers in the Christchurch area will have the option to ship through Timaru.

Port of Tauranga states that the granting of consent will allow the construction of the rail siding, pavements and site infrastructure to commence, enabling the freight hub to be operational early in 2015.


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