DB Schenker upgrades swap bodies

DB Schenker has announced that it is investing in the purchase of 6,000 new swap bodies to develop its strength in European System Freight. Many of the swap bodies will be used to replace older ones so that in the future only consistent double-stack loading will be carried out.

Once double stacking is implemented as the norm loading safety and efficiency will be improved. Simultaneously, about 1,000 swap bodies with curtains, which have been used for system and direct freight, will be replaced. This process forms part of DB Schenker’s strategy to expand this practice for system freight to 36 countries in Europe.

The new swap bodies have an even surface and rounded-off edges. This type of design contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption and consequently decreases the CO2-emissions. The design can save about one litre of Diesel per 100 km.


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