<![CDATA[ Imperial Logistics wins contract in Germany ]]> Schindler has relocated its spare parts logistics operations from Berlin to the multi-user warehouse operated by Imperial Logistics in Stockstadt am Rhein, Germany.

The lift and escalator manufacturer, Schindler, has reorganised its spare parts logistics operations and relocated them from Berlin to the multi-user warehouse operated by Imperial Logistics in Stockstadt am Rhein, Germany.

Imperial Logistics has been supporting clients from the engineering, plant construction and building equipment sectors there since 2012.

Supplying dealers with spare parts and kits will be managed from the multi-user warehouse measuring 13,000 sq m and located just south of Frankfurt/Main in future. It is envisaged that more than 2,000 items will be delivered every working day. In addition to the standard processes –such as picking, packaging, shipping and processing returns –supplementary services will be undertaken. These include assembling sets of parts (kit building), replenishing supplies for fitters or supplying building sites.

In addition to the Stockstadt facility, Imperial Logistics has been operating another multi-user warehouse for spare parts logistics in Herten for many years.

Source: Imperial Logistics

<![CDATA[ Pall-Ex awarded contract with Staples ]]> Pall-Ex has been awarded a three-year contract to handle distribution for Staples.

Pall-Ex is set to transport over 80,000 pallets a year for Staples Solutions (Staples) following a new partnership with the workplace services and consumables company.

The Rockingham-based firm will use Pall-Ex’s UK-wide distribution network during the three-year contract, assisting with Staples deliveries into UK merchants.

In order to accommodate the distribution, Pall-Ex has reconfigured a number of its double decker trailers into triple decker trailers, enabling it to better support Staples’ high-volume requirements, which include stationery, office supplies, printed materials and business consumables.

Staples is now a full solutions provider to UK businesses, with 50% of sales coming from non-core office products, including work ware, janitorial supplies, wash room, boardroom and bespoke customer products.

Mark Steel, director of sales and marketing at Pall-Ex, commented: “Staples’ service level requirements and service expectations are extremely high, so we are delighted that they have chosen to work with Pall-Ex and benefit from the capabilities of our network.”

Kevin Lewis, supply chain director at Staples, added: “Pall-Ex will give us the operating scale and quality that Staples requires, whilst still remaining flexible and agile enough to provide us with the focus and tailored response we need to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. The benefits to Staples will be significant, due to Pall-Ex’s wide geographic reach, which will enable us to provide our customers with the shortest possible lead times and provide more local supply for our end customers.”

Source: Pall-Ex

<![CDATA[ Union Pacific to handle ONE shipments ]]> ONE has selected Union Pacific to handle US West Coast intermodal shipments from April 1, 2018.

Ocean Network Express (ONE) and Ocean Network Express North America have selected Union Pacific to handle all intermodal shipments arriving on its container ships at U.S. West Coast ports beginning April 1, 2018. 

Under the new agreement, containers arriving or departing from U.S. West Coast ports will transfer between ONE vessels and Union Pacific trains at its on-dock and near dock facilities in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. Union Pacific will also carry ONE shipments arriving at Pacific North-West ports in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.

ONE CEO Jeremy Nixon, said, “Union Pacific provides a strong inland U.S. rail service network and reliable service we need for a smooth transition. It will also expand our reach as we roll out new services to help us grow.”

Source: Union Pacific

<![CDATA[ Palletways enters Italian e-commerce logistics market ]]> Palletways Italia, which distributes palletized goods, has entered the e-commerce market in Italy.

Palletways Italia, which distributes palletized goods, has entered the e-commerce market in Italy.

This is the result of a partnership with White Horse Energy, a UK company that has entered the Italian market with its online sales of dried firewood and pellets.

For over nine years, White Horse Energy has been selling these products in the UK, using Palletways as its logistics partner to get the pallets with pellets, firewood and briquettes to over 20,000 customers.

The partnership has now been extended to Italy, where White Horse Energy launched its door-to- door delivery service on the market. Italy is said to be the largest domestic pellet-burning nation in the world, with Italians heating about 3m tonnes of pellets each year.

“When we started to sell online in the UK in 2008, pallets were considered a standard for the B2B market but deliveries of palletized freight to private addresses was rare”, says White Horse Energy owner Stuart Fitzgerald. “This new opportunity to take our services into Italy is very exciting for us, especially given Italy’s burning interest in pellet stoves.”

Source: Ecommerce News

<![CDATA[ Li & Fung boost operating profit despite turnover drop ]]> Cost saving initiatives and divestments helped Li & Fung improve its operating profit by 11.8% in 2017.

Li & Fung’s revenues dropped by 8.3% in 2017 to $13,534m. On a like-for-like basis, the decrease was 4.6%. The company said its turnover stabilized due to enhanced service offerings by the company.

However, its core operating profit grew 11.8% to $356m. On a like-for-like basis when excluding the impact of the divestment of three product verticals and the 2016 divestment of the Asia consumer and healthcare distribution business, core operating profit increased by 13.3%. Ongoing measures to improve operating efficiency and productivity resulted in an operating cost decrease of 5.8%, it said. Core operating profit as a percentage of turnover increased from 2.2% to 2.6%.

In the Supply Chain Solutions segment, revenues fell 6.2% to $10,989m. Its core operating profit grew 21.2% to $227m.

In Logistics, revenues were 13.3% higher, with core operating profit 23.8% higher. Growth was driven by market share gains and geographical expansion.

Commenting on the 2017 annual results, Spencer Fung, Group CEO of Li & Fung, said “Our new Three-Year Plan had a strong start in its first year and we are on track to meet our financial targets and strategic goals. Customers are embracing our supply chain solutions and digital tools to help them improve the speed of their supply chain, helping them realize tangible improvements in inventory management, sell-through and mark-downs. At the same time, our Logistics business, which completes our end-to-end supply chain solutions, continues to grow its COP by 23.8%, driven by e-logistics, deeper penetration of our core customers supported by cross-selling with our Supply Chain Solutions business and entry to new markets such as India and Vietnam.”

Source: Li & Fung

<![CDATA[ ZIM overturns prior year losses ]]> With revenues of nearly $3bn, ZIM produced a net profit for 2017 of $246m.

ZIM has posted annual results showing its EBITDA was $246m, up for -$50m in 2016. Total revenues were $2,978m, up 17% from the year before. It also overturned its adjusted net loss from the year before, to make $50m in profit.

ZIM carried 2,629 thousand TEUs, its all-time record of containers carried, representing an 8% increase from the year before.

Eli Glickman, ZIM’s President & CEO, said: “I’m proud to say that ZIM’s financial results position us at the very top of the shipping industry. ZIM is undergoing a profound process of change and improvement in all aspects of its activity, as is evident from its 2017 results.

Source: ZIM

<![CDATA[ Imperial Logistics integrates its global logistics business ]]> Imperial Holdings Limited has been integrating the business operations of its logistics divisions under a single “Imperial Logistics” brand.

Imperial Holdings Limited is integrating the business operations of its logistics divisions, which had previously operated largely independently of one another, under a single “Imperial Logistics” brand.

As a result, the logistics and supply chain activities of the International, South African and African Regions divisions will be amalgamated to form a single, global logistics business. Represented by a single brand and distinct logo going forward, this “one business, one brand” approach is key to the business’ aspirations to be the internationally acclaimed Tier One provider of outsourced value-add logistics, supply chain management and route-to-market solutions.

“We have a single-minded focus on delivering customised solutions that keep our clients competitive and relevant,” said Marius Swanepoel, CEO of the new global logistics organisation. “A single brand enables embodies this client centric thinking.”

Clients will benefit from the consolidation of the regional activities into one international logistics unit in many ways. Uniform IT and quality standards, for example, will be implemented around the globe, business processes will be accelerated and the transfer of expertise will be ensured beyond regional markets.

There will be an increased focus on the collaboration and customisation core to the Imperial Logistics brand. Carsten Taucke, CEO of Imperial Logistics International B.V. & Co. KG., Duisburg, added: “We’ll be better able to share knowledge and expertise from the traditional business units and transfer this to other countries as we grow together to form one global, clearly structured and integrated logistics and supply chain business.”

Source: Imperial Logistics

<![CDATA[ DHL Supply Chain commences construction of new distribution hub for Eaton in Germany ]]> DHL Supply Chain has started construction of a new distribution centre near Bonn for its customer Eaton, the global specialist in power management.

DHL Supply Chain has started construction of a new distribution centre near Bonn for its customer Eaton, the global specialist in power management.

DHL Supply Chain is creating a 35,000 sq m highly automated storage facility. The site will commence operations from the beginning of 2019.

“The construction start for the new warehouse in Rheinbach is another important step in our strategic partnership, in which DHL is building and managing three integrated, high-performance distribution centers for Eaton in Europe,” explains Karsten Schwarz, CEO Germany & Alps DHL Supply Chain.

Over the next few years, DHL will support Eaton’s European electrical business from three distribution centres in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. The new site in the UK began operating for Eaton at the beginning of 2018 and a modernization and expansion of the Czech site is currently in progress.

The plant in Rheinbach allows fast turnaround times to European core markets with its connection to nearby DHL Freight and DHL Parcel Hubs and is geared to the needs of many industries.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group

<![CDATA[ Arvato wins e-fulfilment contract from drone retailer Parrot for North America ]]> Arvato is now managing European drone retailer Parrot Inc.’s fulfilment services in North America out of its Pleasant Prairie facility in Wisconsin.

Arvato is now managing European drone retailer Parrot Inc.’s fulfilment services in North America out of its Pleasant Prairie facility in Wisconsin.

Arvato will be responsible for distribution of drones to B2B and B2C customers in the USA and Canada as well as all warehousing, pick processes and returns management.

Founded in France in 1994, Parrot has extended its activities over the years to more than 100 countries worldwide. Today, Parrot is the world’s second largest player in the consumer drone market. In addition to consumer drones, Parrot also offers business solutions including drones, software and services focusing on agriculture, 3D mapping, surveying, inspection and public safety.

Arvato will manage logistics for Parrot at the approximately 540,000 sq ft multi-brand distribution centre in Wisconsin. Specifically, the contract will cover the entire warehousing, picking, packaging and transportation management for drone distribution, including all accessories and parts.

“Additionally, the logistical services for Parrot Inc. encompass returns management as well as other value-added services such as the re-flashing of drones, repackaging or display building,” says Leon Walcott, Director Business Development Hightech & Entertainment at Arvato SCM Solutions.

Source: Arvato

<![CDATA[ FedEx increases earnings outlook after Q3 ]]> FedEx revenues grew to $16.5bn in Q3 and it produced operating income of $1.0bn.

Freight, Express and Ground all contributed towards the $1.5bn year-over-year growth in FedEx’s Q3 revenues. The group produced turnover of $16.5bn, but its operating income was down 2.7% to $1.0bn. Its net income of $2.07bn surpassed its 2017 Q3 result of $562m.

Its Express segment grew revenues by 9.3%, but its operating income dropped 23.8%. Improved based rates and higher fuel surcharges provided positive contributions. Its total package volumes fell by 1% as lower international domestic and US domestic volumes offset its international export volume growth. FedEx stated operating results was negatively affected by compensation accruals, peak-related costs, TNT integration expenses and adverse weather.

Ground segment revenues and operating income were up 11.3% and 23.1% respectively. Average daily package volumes were up 6%, whilst cost management exercises helped improve its margin.

Freight segment revenues were 13.4% higher, and its operating income was 34.1% higher. Revenue increased due to LTL revenue per shipment growth of 8% and average daily LTL shipment growth of 6%.

Looking ahead, Frederick W. Smith, FedEx Corp Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We expect strong operating performance in each of our transportation segments in the fourth quarter.”

FedEx CFO Alan Graf Jr gave further good news, saying that the company was raising its fiscal 2018 outlook due to foreign tax benefits, U.S. tax reform and the company’s improved operating performance.

Source: FedEx