DHL strengthens disaster response readiness in Philippines

Deutsche Post DHL Group announced the company had conducted a three-day disaster response training exercise at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport the the Philippines with the aim of  strengthening the disaster response readiness of the airport.

Carl Schelfhaut, Head of International Relations & Disaster Management Asia Pacific for Deutsche Post DHL Group said, “Regular emergency logistics training ensures better preparedness in our teams and this is often crucial in getting help to the communities who need it – in the fastest and most efficient manner possible,” adding “In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, airports often encounter bottlenecks which delay the delivery of relief supplies to victims. Here, we can make a difference with our logistics expertise to help ensure a swift and organized movement of all incoming materials.”

Deutsche Post DHL Group’s Disaster Response Teams (DRTs) consist more than 400 DHL employees who – on request of the United Nations – deploy to an airport after a natural disaster to support with the handling of incoming relief goods.

In 2013, the DHL Disaster Response Team supported the local Mactan Cebu airport for almost three weeks following Typhoon Haiyan, sorting relief goods and preparing them for their further transport. Following their deployment, the Cebu Provincial Government and Mactan Cebu International Airport Authorities requested the GARD program to be run at the airport, in 2014.

Organized in partnership with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA), DHL DRTs are trained on practical skills to enable a fast supply chain at airports to manage the high volume of relief goods during the aftermath of a disaster. This includes forklift driver training, loading and unloading cargo onto a military aircrafts and building DHL Speedballs which are waterproof bags filled with vital relief supplies that can be airdropped from helicopters as survival kits.


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