ICTSI launches track and trace version 4.0 at MICT

International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI) announced that it has invested in updated track and trace systems at its Manila International Container Terminal (MICT). The track and trace technology is version 4.0 of an online container tracking system developed in-house for MICT customers.

“The new version of the MICT track and trace technology further enhances the system’s overall functionality and value for both ICTSI and our clients at the MICT. As we have developed this system in-house, we could easily update and improve track and trace to become a more robust and dependable system,” said Christian Lozano, ICTSI’s Commercial Director.

Version 4.0 features an email notification function that delivers container movement updates straight to a client’s inbox. The email notification feature follows the release of the SMS notification system, which came out with version 3.0.

“The Track and Trace system was specifically built to provide clients with visibility, control and automation, allowing them to stay updated on the status of their containers,” Lozano added.

Users can search for import and export laden containers, as well as empty containers within MICT premises. Registration is not required. Clients need to input the bill of lading and container number. Container movement and storage period are on record, and stored in the system for three months.

Trucks’ time of entry and exit to and from MICT are recorded into the system. Clients enter the plate numbers of their trucks to monitor their movements within MICT in the last 30 minutes. ICTSI has stated that it aims to improve this feature to provide real-time tracking by early 2015.

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